8 × 27 cm (3⅛” x 10⅝”)

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8 × 27 cm (3⅛” x 10⅝”)


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 If you are short on space but determined not to compromise on design, this is the sign for you. Designed in our classic Highlander collection with a sleek and glossy white background adorned with a jet-black double trim and serif typeface - this is a sign with timeless appeal.

The raised relief of the hand-stenciled details catches the light perfectly and invites the viewer to gaze a little longer as they pass by. Thanks to its long and narrow shape, this sign is ideal for displaying a multi-digit house number, even if your wall is small.

And what's best is that porcelain enamel doesn't tarnish in harsh conditions, so your sign will always look as good as new.