The Ramsign Story

Nick Brandt, Founder and CEO at Ramsign Ltd

"It started with a love for vintage signs"


It was a rainy autumn day in Copenhagen. Nick Brandt was waiting outside the main building of the Carlsberg brewery. He had a handful of old beer advertisement signs under his arm and an idea: fabricating vintage enamel signs, as they used to be, in our day and age. The brewery immediately believed in the idea, and that was the beginning of Ramsign.


Nick had always loved beauty. He felt drawn to simple, functional designs, and was fascinated with natural materials that could stand the test of time, like copper, wood or porcelain. That is how he discovered enamel signs that had been produced in the 19th century and still maintained their gloss, vibrant colors and integrity. He felt like he had found a treasure, so he started collecting them.


Against the modern mantra of producing cheap and fast, those handmade enamel signs represented the values of the past: quality, sustainability, attention to detail. It took time and effort to make them, but they were unique, beautiful, and they lasted for more than a lifetime. Why was nobody producing them anymore?


That question was the start of a quest. Nick started extensively researching the traditional enameling and hand-stenciling techniques, as well as the measurements and designs of existing signs across northern Europe. He wanted to make the signs he loved as they used to be made. It took a lot of groundwork, but he finally realized that his dream could come true.


In 1991, right after delivering the signs to Carlsberg, Nick opened a little storefront in Copenhagen and started selling vintage house numbers, address plaques and nameplates. The positive response of the people visiting the shop held the project together and validated his idea. People still loved the signs and were surprised and delighted at the possibility of getting one of their own.


Almost ten years later, Ramsign entered the new century by reinventing itself as an online store. The website opened new possibilities and brought new challenges to a small company that went from local to global. Many things changed, but the core remained the same: authenticity, tradition, craftsmanship. To this day, we stay true to the old-fashioned virtues that have sustained the company for more than thirty years.


It all started with a love for vintage enamel signs. Now, we share that love with people all over the world. And, as Nick likes to say, that sure feels good!

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