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Delivery & Customs

Production Time & Delivery

In stock orders, such as our most popular house numbers, will be mailed out within one business day. Orders which must be manufactured (custom orders) are usually mailed out within 20 days. If you have ordered several items, they will normally arrive in one shipment. If you are ordering goods with different delivery times, then please note the latest delivery time. As goods are shipped directly from our factory as well as from our warehouses in Europe, products may arrive in several deliveries. If the manufacturing time is 4 weeks or longer, the delivery time will be stated on your order confirmation. Customers within the EU should expect a few days transportation time. For delivery outside the EU, please allow up to 14 days transportation time after being put in the mail. As we have no knowledge of local shipping and traffic conditions, we are not able to guarantee delivery on a specific date.

Why are some signs mailed the next day and others 20 days later?

We stock a range of the most popular house numbers ready for delivery within one business day. However, all other signs must be produced from scratch at our enamelworks. Production time is a maximum of 20 days, and a week or two for shipping, depending on your location.

How will my sign be packed?

Before your house number is shipped to you, it is carefully inspected and packed so that you receive it in perfect condition.

Today is past the expected delivery date, but my signs still have not arrived. What can I do?

We recommend that you wait a few days. More than 90% of our deliveries arrive on or before the expected delivery date. Chances are that your goods are on the way. However, holidays, bad weather and irregular mail delivery are just a few circumstances that can cause delays. In most cases, if anything can be done to expedite your delivery, it has already been done. Please feel welcome to contact us at: and kindly include your order number.

Will my package be delayed in customs?

No, not within the EU. To facilitate swift handling through customs outside the EU, Ramsign places a sticker on the envelope displaying the content, weight and value. In most cases, this allows the envelope to pass through customs without delay. However, local customs regulations and practices vary from country to country.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to pay any taxes or import duties as required by the local authorities.

Orders & Confirmation

Why should I purchase my sign from Ramsign?

Ramsigns are original, classic, hand-stenciled enamel signs. Modeled after authentic designs, the quality is evident in the thick and glossy enamel. We offer a lifetime warranty, excellent service, and a money back guarantee!

What is included in my purchase?

Every sign comes with mounting materials, a money back guarantee, and excellent customer service.

How can I contact you?

You may chat with us live 24/7 on our website. Chat is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

You may call us on our US number at +1 (646) 480-0111.

You may submit an email to We promise to respond within 24 hours.

I need a custom sign urgently for a gift. Can you help me?

Yes, we can! We will mail you a representative cardboard sign printed true to color and size in an envelope. The actual sign will arrive in about four weeks. You may receive this service at no extra charge; simply write “PRINT” in the Special Requests on the order page.

How will I receive an invoice?

Simply write, “invoice requested” in the Special Requests field when ordering. If you’d like to receive an invoice after ordering, just email us at and include your order number.

Order Confirmation & Proof Sheet

Within 3 working days an order confirmation containing information about the product, price and delivery time is sent to you via e-mail. When you order name plaques or other tailor-made signs, proof sheet(s) will be attached to the order confirmation. Changes to the proof(s) must be sent to Ramsign as soon as possible, within 8 days.

Why is the proof in black and white? This isn't what I ordered.

For technical reasons, the proof is always black and white. Don’t worry! The colors you have selected will be used for your order, and you can verify this on your receipt.

Why is the proof in black and white? This isn't what I ordered.

For technical reasons, the proof is always black and white. Don’t worry! The colors you have selected will be used for your order, and you can verify this on your receipt.

Returns & Warranty

Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee

You may return your product within 60 days after receipt for a full refund. This applies regardless of the reason for the return. This applies to all goods, whether they are stocked products, or products which are manufactured to order. We will refund the full amount paid, excluding shipping costs, to your account within 8 days after receipt of your product. Please contact us via e-mail at: for instructions on how to proceed.

Claims & Returns

In case you receive an incorrect or damaged product, you are entitled to a free replacement. You must notify us via e-mail at: within 60 days of receipt, for instructions on how to proceed. We may require that you return the product to us, but often a photo will suffice. We will, of course, refund your shipping costs in this event.

Will I receive ALL my money back, even if my sign is custom-made?

Yes. You will promptly receive all your money back, no matter the reason for the return. We only ask that you return the sign to us within 60 days at your own expense. No other vendor offers this guarantee. Ramsign's satisfaction guarantee underlies our commitment to live up to your full expectations.

Lifetime Warranty

All Ramsign products, except products with white edges, are covered by a lifetime warranty. In the rare event that your product should fail due to faulty manufacture, you are entitled to a free replacement. Please contact us via e-mail at: for instructions on how to proceed. We may require that you return the product to us, but often a photo will suffice. We will, of course, refund your shipping costs in this event.

Why is the text on my new sign not as accurate as the proof?

This is because RAMSIGN uses entirely traditional hand-cut stencils in production. Fine lines and the edges of the letters are difficult to reproduce accurately. Minor imperfections are thus a trademark of any old-fashioned and genuinely hand-stenciled sign. This is not a manufacturing defect. However, if you are not satisfied with the result, we will of course produce a new sign for you free of charge.

The color of my sign is slightly different from another sign I received a while ago. Is that normal?

Yes. Even the slightest variation in humidity, temperature, metal properties, enameling, temperature or the timing will change the end result. If identical colors are desired, we recommend that you order your signs at the same time. Your signs will then be produced in the same batch at the factory, resulting in perfectly identical colors.

The enamel is partly missing on the back and edges of my sign. Is this a defect?

No. An enamel sign will often show minor burn marks on the edges because they are sharp and the enamel evaporates where the metal reaches the highest temperature. An enamel sign will often show minor burn marks on the back from the grate on which the sign has been resting in the ceramic furnace, where it is heated to 820 degrees Celsius. This is perfectly normal, and it has no significant impact on the lifespan of your sign.

My sign was damaged upon receipt. What do I do?

In case your sign shows clear signs of shipping damage, we kindly ask you to place the damaged sign in its original packaging and return it to us. You will find the return address under “Contact” on this website. As soon as we receive the damaged sign, we will confirm a new delivery date for your replacement sign, which we will deliver at no extra cost. If your sign does not show clear signs of shipping damage (cracks, chipping or deformation), we advise that you briefly describe the problem in an e-mail to: We will get back to you within one business day.

Pricing & Payments

Is everything included in the price?

Yes. There are no hidden costs.

Are Ramsign's prices competitive?

Yes. Nowhere else will you find a high-end product, backed by a full money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. We will gladly refund the price difference if you do. Our goal isn't to deliver the cheapest products possible, but to deliver true value for money.

Is it safe to pay now, before I receive the product?

Yes. All goods must be paid for prior receiving a proof. We take great care in processing your order, making a proof, and creating your product. Ramsign has been in business since 1991 and has achieved an excellent reputation among its customers. Should you not receive your product, you can file a claim with PayPal, and PayPal will refund your payment to you. We are proud to state that no Ramsign customer has ever filed such a claim.

Is it safe to pay with PayPal?

Yes. PayPal is one of the leading processors of online payments with a proven track record of flawless payment processing. Your payment is solely between you and PayPal over an encrypted connection. Ramsign does not receive your credit card details.

Is it free to use PayPal?

Yes. Credit card payments or bank transfers made over PayPal are completely free of charges to the customer.

Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes. It takes just a few minutes and you can use the account at many other online retailers.

Customer Loyalty & Discounts

How can I help Ramsign?

Send us a photo of your sign mounted to your wall or door, and leave a review! We will gladly add it to our gallery. If you have an idea of how we can improve, we are happy to hear it! If we use your idea or photo, we will refund you 15% off your purchase.

Does Ramsign offer a volume discount?

Yes. We will refund you 15% upon receipt of your order of five or more products.

Production & Special Requests

How is my sign produced?

Within 24 hours of receiving your order, we prepare a proof which is attached to your order confirmation. After this, a steel plate and stencils are cut by hand, according to the text and specifications of the sign. Two to four stencils are used in the production of each sign. Finally, the enameling process can begin. Enameling is a ceramic process, much like glazing ceramics. Initially, the primer is applied, followed by the base color of the sign (for example, blue). Then, the text and any other colors are applied to the sign using the stencils. Excess enamel is brushed off by hand with a fine brush before the sign is burned. Between each enameling, the sign is fired in a ceramic furnace at 820 degrees Celsius, and the result is regularly checked for defects. To ensure an energy efficient production and a consistent quality, the signs are processed in batches throughout the entire production.

How do I order multiple signs with perfectly identical colors?

Just order your signs at the same time, in one order. Your signs will then be produced in the same batch at the factory, resulting in perfectly identical colors.

How do I order a sign with an unusual size, color, or shape?

Simply submit a request on our Create Page. Please fill out all required fields, and describe your wishes in detail. We are able to produce almost any design and shape up to 80 x 120 cm, as long as the details are not too fine, since they are hand-painted. We can produce lines as fine as ½ mm.

Can I get my logo, icon, or image on my sign?

Yes. Just submit a request on our Custom Product Request page: Remember to include measurements, typeface, trim and colors. Attach any image or artwork you may have. We can reproduce a limited number of standard colors, however colors must be full tones and not semitones (no gradation). These are limitations of the ceramic process and the stencil technique used.

How fine of details can you make?

We can produce characters down to 10 mm in height, and likewise any equivalent details. Lines can be as thin as ½ mm, but no less. This is a limitation of the hand-cut stencils used.

Is it possible to add a name to my sign?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to make changes to an existing sign without ruining it because it must be fired in the kiln again. You will need to replace your existing name plaque if you wish to change the text. A more flexible solution could be to mount a new name plaque, in addition to the one you already have. Each of our signs coordinate with a few others signs in matching lengths so they can be stacked, as in an office lobby.

Are Ramsign products eco-friendly?

Yes. A Ramsign product is the most eco-friendly and sustainable choice you can make. No need for replacement; Your Ramsign product will last a lifetime. This saves resources and minimizes waste. While benefiting the environment, you will also personally benefit from the time and money saved replacing worn out signs. Finally, Ramsign’s entire range of products is 100% manufactured in Europe, subject to EU environmental requirements. The signs are made entirely from iron and glass, and non-toxic, recyclable materials. In contrast, most other durable signs contain toxic paints, coatings and polluting byproducts. To make matters worse, these products are typically mass produced by cheap labor in heavily polluting factories.


I have received the mounting materials, but where are the washers?

If you have received a name plaque, washers are not needed. The mounting materials used for address plaques, house numbers, name plates are different. For address plaques and house numbers the materials include: 4 solid brass screws, 4 nylon plugs, and 4 nylon washers. For names plates and door signs only 4 solid brass screws are included.

How do I properly mount my sign on brick?

1. We recommend that you use the included mounting materials. 2. Place your sign on the wall so the holes will be drilled in brick instead of in mortar. Mark the exact position of the holes, and remove the sign. 3. Drill the holes (use a 5 mm concrete drill). 4. Place the blue plugs in the holes. 5. Place one black nylon washer on each screw to protect the enamel surface. 6. Mount the sign using the solid brass screws included.
TIP: Wait until you have positioned the sign accurately before tightening the screws.
WARNING: Never tighten the screws using force. This can crack the enamel, exposing the metal to corrosion.

How do I properly mount my sign on wood?

1. We recommend that you use the included mounting materials. 2. Place your sign on the door. Mark the exact positions of the holes with a pencil and remove the sign. 3. Drill the holes (use a 2 mm wood/metal drill). 4. Mount the sign using the short brass screws. Washers are not recommended for wooden surfaces.
TIP: Wait until you have positioned the sign accurately before tightening the screws.
WARNING: Never tighten the screws using force. This can crack the enamel, exposing the metal to corrosion.

The brass screws are too flashy for my taste. How do I make them more discreet?

Yes. The brass screws will develop a natural patina within a few months. However, you can use a little ammonia to speed up the process: 1. Wash your hands and clean the brass screws to remove oily smudges using either acetone or alcohol. 2. Place the brass screws in a glass, and soak the screws in a few drops of ammonia. Pour out the ammonia, and place a lid on the glass to trap the ammonia vapors. 3. Observe patina progress after a short while. Within 10-15 minutes you should see a noticeable effect. If needed, repeat the process until you reach the desired result.

Care & Maintenance

Will a Ramsign fade in the sun or otherwise weather over time?

No, Ramsigns are completely sun-resistant and weatherproof. Once the signs are covered with the porcelain enamel, the color is fixed and the metal base is protected from the elements. With a Ramsign porcelain enameled sign, you can look forward to a vibrantly-colored sign that can last for years to come. All signs are backed by our lifetime warranty.