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Only Ramsign offers authentically designed, hand-stenciled enamel signs that are backed with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. Our hardy and glossy signs come with an original mounting kit, solid brass screws, and, best of all, friendly 24/7 customer service.

The most obvious quality of porcelain enamel signs is their beauty and their ability to withstand decomposition in even the harshest conditions. Unlike most signs, enamel signs are known to last for several centuries, without any maintenance, and without losing their gloss and vibrant colors. While other materials corrode, rot or fade, the hard and impervious glass enamel surface withstands all weather, extreme temperatures, sunlight and corroding agents. This makes them ideal for harsh environments, like beach resorts and seaside homes, where exposure to humidity and salt is frequent.>

They will also withstand most acts of vandalism, as they are highly resistant to scratching and impact. Even graffiti can be easily removed with a suitable solvent, unlike signs with organic coatings.

Because porcelain enamel has the same properties as colored glass and ceramic glaze, the colors will not fade with exposure to UV light, as paint will. Being a fired ceramic, a porcelain enamel sign is also highly heat-resistant. This makes these signs ideal for high-temperature uses where any organic coating would fail. Some examples are wayfinding signs in buildings and exit signs in the subway.

As a result of their properties, porcelain enamel signs are also a highly eco-friendly alternative to other types of signs that contain harmful organic agents and/or needs frequent maintenance and replacement.

We believe a real enamel sign should be made in the good old-fashioned way, with authentic typefaces, colors and trims and, of course, stenciled by hand. Fabrication is more costly, but the result is well worth the price, as the difference in quality stands out in every detail. Ramsigns are gracefully arched with a rich, glossy finish. The graphics and art work are expertly created to fit every sign perfectly. Our use of the traditional stencil technique produces a relief in the lettering and trims, giving each sign a three dimensional appearance. These qualities have distinguished enameled signs from other signs for over a century and are what make Ramsigns stand out today.

Our products are designed in Denmark and manufactured in our factories in the European Union.

Your purchase includes a proof, a mounting kit, a 60 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Yes, not only is the front of your sign enameled with multiple layers, but the edges and back of your sign are also enameled with a base layer glaze to protect the sign from corroding.

Porcelain enamel is a thin, solid, smooth and glossy layer of silicate glass.

Porcelain enamel signs are made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate of low carbon steel. This is done by a firing process. First, the powdered glass is mixed with water and sprayed onto the metal, after which it is left to dry. The sign is then fired in a kiln at a temperature exceeding 1500°F (820°C). The powder melts, flows, and finally hardens into a smooth, durable vitreous coating. This forms the grey base layer, which is chemically bonded to the metal. For any additional color, a separate layer of pigmented powered glass must be applied and fired independently. By using this layered approach, enameling can produce very smooth, glossy finishes in a wide array of colors.

Shortly after receiving your order we create a proof with the lettering you want on your sign. The proof is essentially an accurate to-scale drawing of your design. When finished, stencils are produced according the outlines of the proof. The stencils are thin cardboard sheets with the letters and ornamental details of the design cut out.

A pre-cut, drilled and arched steel plate in your specified size is rinsed and carefully inspected for faults. It is crucial that the steel backing is 100% clean and free of any grease or defects before the enameling process begins. Enameling is a ceramic process, much like glazing ceramics. Initially, the grey enamel primer is applied, the sign is left to dry, and then fired at 1500°F (820°C) for 8-12 minutes. After the firing, it is left to cool. During the firing process, the enamel bonds chemically to the steel, to create a base layer. After the base layer has set, the background color of the sign (for example blue) can be applied in the same manner. Finally the foreground color is then applied and dried. Using the prepared stencils as guides, the final layer of powdered enamel is placed on the signs; any excess enamel is carefully brushed away by hand to ensure precision lettering. The sign is then fired for the last time. In fact, the sign is fired in a kiln at 1500°F (820°C) and inspected for defects between each enameling. To ensure an energy efficient production and a consistent quality, the signs are enameled and fired in batches throughout the entire production.

Yes, Ramsigns are completely sun-resistant and weatherproof. Once the signs are covered with the porcelain enamel, the color is fixed and the metal base is protected from the elements. With a Ramsign porcelain enameled sign, you can look forward to a vibrantly-colored sign that can last for years to come. All signs are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Yes. A Ramsign is the most eco-friendly and sustainable sign you can buy.

Ramsign’s entire range of products is 100% manufactured in Europe, subject to strict EU environmental regulations. The signs are made entirely from iron and glass, which are non-toxic, recyclable materials, found in abundance on our planet.

In contrast, most other durable signs contain toxic paints, agents, and coatings that burden the environment with polluting byproducts, both before and after the lifespan of the signs. To make matters worse, these products are typically mass produced by cheap labor in heavily polluting factories.

Best of all, your Ramsign product will last your lifetime and beyond. This saves resources and minimizes waste. Not only is this good for the environment, you will also save time and money by not having to maintain and replace worn out signs.

Styles & Sizes

Contrast is key. If you have a red house, you wouldn’t want a red sign, but rather a white or black one, so that it stands out against the background. For a white house, we suggest our Engelhardt, Metropolitan, or Caledonian collections, whose dark backgrounds offset the white of the house.

For nearly all homes, blue and white is a classic and timeless combination that will go with most architectural styles. For wooden houses, log cabins, or rustic homes, forest green or deep red is fitting. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something elegant, light and versatile you need to look no further than our Highlander collection.

After selecting the color, typeface and trim are the next factors to consider. Here, context is key. Will the sign be placed on a historic Victorian structure or on a modern town house? Modern architecture tends to be simpler and less ornamented than older styles. Let the architectural style guide your choice of typeface and trim, in this way your new sign will reflect its surroundings.

The size depends on how you are going to use the sign. Will it be on your front door? Will it be inside an apartment building or on a house far from the street? Will it be on your mailbox? The key factor is distance. For an apartment number, a small sign will do the trick. For a country home off the road, a larger sign that can be seen from farther away is better.

Whichever size you choose, you should be able to read the lettering from the appropriate vantage point. You can estimate the recommended minimum size of your house number or address plaque in the following way: Start with a 2 inch wide sign. For every 3 feet you step back from the sign, you should increase the width of the sign by one inch. The same rule can be applied to signs with lettering, like street- and wayfinding signs. Name plates and door signs only need to be readable from a short distance, so here a width of 3-10 inches will be just fine.

We offer five typefaces for letters and two typefaces for numerals. You can see them all on the typefaces page. If you want to use more than one typeface on your sign, please let us know which you want in the instructions field of the shopping cart.

We offer three options: Trimless, Single Trim and Double Trim. You can see them all on the trims page.

We offer five classic color combinations:

Metropolitan: White on blue.

Highlander: Black on white.

Engelhardt: White on black.

Arrowhead: White on green.

Lighthouse: Red on white.

In addition to our 5 collection colors we offer 26 custom colors available only for special orders. These orders can be placed on our special orders page. You can see all of the available 31 colors on the custom colors page.

In most cases, you can pick the color you like according to the swatches provided on our site. However if you are looking to match a very specific color you need to pick it from a physical color swatch rather than rely on your screen. Here is why: Different screens show colors differently. While your screen shows a representation of real world colors, the appearance of screen colors will never be identical to the appearance of off-screen colors.

A color swatch is simply one (or a catalogue of) accurate samples of specific colors. For the most realistic appearance we recommend using enameled color swatches. You have the opportunity to order them here. Alternatively you can use a printed RAL or Pantone color swatch. You can get these from your local paint or design store (or order it online). Every color has its unique color code. With this code you can easily communicate any color with 100% accuracy, across all media, devices and screens.

Ramsign offers a total of 27 different sizes and shapes. You can see our standard range of sizes on our Style Options page. If you are not able to find a size in our standard range that suits your purpose, you can order the specific size you need on the Special Orders page.

Yes. The minimum letter height is 10 mm. This is because all our signs are hand stenciled, which means that the details are carefully applied by hand with the use of stencils and brushing.

The mounting holes are 4 mm in diameter.

The smallest size we can produce is 1″ x 1″ (2,5 cm x 2,5 cm).

The largest size we can produce is 23″ x 23″ (60cm x 60cm).

The height of the digits is is determined by the number of digits the sign contains. The measurements below are approximate. If an accurate height is required please note this in the “Instructions” field in the Shopping Cart when you place your order.

Product Size (cm) 1 number 2 numbers 3 numbers
Charlottenlund circular 4 ⅞" x 4 ⅞" (12.5 x 12.5 cm) 2.7" (6.8 cm) 2.0" (5.0 cm) 1.5" (3.9 cm)
Aalholm oval 2 ¾" x 1 ¾" (7 x 4.6 cm) 1.3" (3.4 cm) 1.2" (3.0 cm) 1.0" (2.5 cm)
Lundsgaard oval 4 ⅜" x 4" (10 x 11 cm) 2.6" (6.5 cm) 2.0" (5.2 cm) x
Clausholm oval 5 ½" x 3 ½" (14 x 9 cm) 2.4" (6.2 cm) 2.4" (6.2 cm) 2.0" (5.2 cm)
Palsgaard oval 5 ⅞" x 5 ⅜" (15 x 13.6 cm) 3.5" (8.8 cm) 2.9" (7.3 cm) 2.6" (6.6 cm)
Havreholm oval 7 ½" x 4 ¾" (19 x 12 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm)
Ryegaard oval 7 ⅞" x 7" (20 x 18 cm) 3.2" (8.2 cm) 3.2" (8.2 cm) 3.2" (8.2 cm)
Engelsholm oval 9" x 5 ½" (23 x 14 cm) 4.1" (10.3 cm) 3.7" (9.4 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm)
Klintholm oval 10 ½" x 6 ⅝" (27 x 17 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm) 4.3" (11.0 cm) 3.4" (8.7 cm)
Sandholm oval 13 ⅜" x 8 ¼" (34 x 21 cm) 2.1" (5.3 cm) 2.1" (5.3 cm) 2.1" (5.3 cm)
Sonderborg rectangular 2 ¾" x 4 ⅜" (7 x 11)span> 3.1" (8.0) x x
Christiansborg rectangular 4 ¾" x 1 ⅝" (12 x 4 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm)
Frederiksborg rectangular 4 ¾" x 4" (12 x 10 cm) 2.9" (7.4 cm) 2.9" (7.4 cm) x
Dansborg rectangular 5 ½" x 4 ⅜" (14 x 11 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm)
Augustenborg rectangular 6 ¼" x 2" (16 x 5 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm)
Amalienborg rectangular 6 ¼" x 2 ¾" (16 x 7 cm) 1.7" (4.4 cm) 1.7" (4.4 cm) 1.7" (4.4 cm)
Duborg rectangular 6 ¼" x 4 ¾" (16 x 12 cm) 3.5" (8.8 cm) 3.5" (8.8 cm) 3.5" (8.8 cm)
Lilleborg rectangular 8 ¼" x 4 ⅜" (21 x 11 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm) 3.1" (8.0 cm)
Kronborg rectangular 8 ¼" x 2" (21 x 5 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm) 1.0" (2.6 cm)
Kalundborg rectangular 8 ¼" x 2 ¾" (21 x 7 cm) 1.7" (4.4 cm) 1.7" (4.4 cm) 1.7" (4.4 cm)
Marselisborg rectangular 8 ¼" x 6 ¼" (21 x 16 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm)
Ravnsborg rectangular 10 ⅝" x 3 ⅛" (27 x 8 cm) 2.0" (5.0 cm) 2.0" (5.0 cm) 2.0" (5.0 cm)
Silkeborg rectangular 10 ⅝" x 4 ¾" (27 x 12 cm) 3.1" (7.8 cm) 3.1" (7.8 cm) 3.1" (7.8 cm)
Rosenborg rectangular 10 ⅝" x 6 ¼" (27 x 16 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm)
Vordingborg square 6 ¼" x 6 ¼" (16 x 16 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm) 4.7" (12.0 cm)
Grasten arched 13 ⅜" x 7" (34 x 18 cm) 2.5" (6.3 cm) 2.5" (6.3 cm) 2.5" (6.3 cm)
Vosborg rectangular 11" x 7" (28 x 18 cm) 3.5" (8.9 cm) 3.5" (8.9 cm) 3.5" (8.9 cm)

Prices and Payments

Yes, there are no hidden costs. The price of the sign includes a mounting kit and mounting instructions. The price of delivery includes packaging and transportation to your door step. Any taxes levied will be reimbursed to your account.

Yes. Nowhere else will you find a high-end, hand-stenciled enamel sign with authentic graphic design and original mounting materials that is backed by a full money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Moreover, our support team is ready to assist you 24/7. We will gladly refund the price difference if you find a better offer. It has been our philosophy for two decades to provide the best possible value money can buy, rather than the lowest possible price. Every day, we proudly continue to deliver outstanding value for people who care.

Yes. While all goods must be paid in full at the time of order, we are completely focused on satisfying your expectations from the moment we receive your order. Ramsign cannot exist without you, and we will not let you down. During more than 25 years of service we have built a reputation of excellence and reliability, worldwide. All of our signs are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your sign when you receive it, you can always request a replacement or full refund.

We accept PayPal and all major credit/debit cards: American Express, Discovery, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electron.

Simply request an invoice in the instructions field when ordering. If you’d like to receive an invoice after you have placed your order, you can simply request an invoice by contacting us through our contact form. Please include your order number so we can quickly identify your order.

Order Confirmations & Proofs

Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation within a few minutes. If you have ordered a personalized sign a proof will follow in a separate email.

If your order includes a personalized sign, you will receive a proof within 1-2 business days. Please let us know as soon as possible after receipt of the proof in case you wish any changes to be made in order to avoid delay. If you are happy with the proof there is no need to contact us as we will automatically proceed with your order and ship your sign when finished.

Yes, the proof is included with your purchase. Our expert graphic designer will prepare a digital proof of your text sized perfectly to fit on your sign. You will receive this proof within 1-2 business days.

If you are not completely satisfied with the result, we will work with you to achieve your desired design. If you decide this sign isn't for you, we will promptly refund your money.

For technical reasons the proof is always in black and white. However there is no need to worry - we will fabricate your sign exactly according to the colors specified in your order.

Taxes & Customs Clearance

Yes, all costs are included in your purchase. In the event that your purchase exceeds the threshold for taxable goods in your region, and taxes are levied as a result, we will reimburse you for the taxes you have paid if you notify us within 8 days. Please contact us through our contact form and attach a copy of your tax receipt.

Your shipment should normally not be delayed in customs. To facilitate swift customs clearance, we carefully describe the content, weight and value on a customs declaration which we attach to your shipment. In most cases, this information allows the shipment to be processed without delay. However, local customs practices and expediency vary from region to region, which is why we unfortunately cannot issue any guarantees.


>Yes, we ship to the United States and worldwide. You can find details about delivery times and rates on our delivery page.

For deliveries to North America the estimated turnaround time is 1 - 2 weeks for in-stock signs, and 4 - 5 weeks for signs made to order. This includes the production and transportation time. Check our delivery page for delivery timeframes in other countries.

The delivery time is our best estimate, but in no way guaranteed. Bear in mind that the production time is subject to current work load. In addition the transportation time is subject to your location and the expediency of your local postal service. If delivery within a certain timeframe is crucial, we recommend that you request rush production and/or expedited delivery when placing your order. In this way the urgency of your order is clear from the minute you place it, and we will go out of our way to get the order to you by the time you need it.

We are able to deliver most orders within a few days if time is of essence. Simply request rush production and/or choose the expedited delivery option on the Checkout page.

We can ship your sign within 3 business days, guaranteed. Simply request Rush Production in the instructions field on the Checkout page. The rush fee is 100% of the product value.

If you need quick delivery we offer to send your order via courier service to North America and any other location in the world. Simply choose the Expedited Delivery option when choosing shipping method on the Checkout page. Please refer to our delivery page for country specific rates and timeframes.

Before your sign is shipped to you, it is carefully inspected and packed in a rigid card board sleeve, along with your Ramsign certified mounting kit (solid brass screws) and mounting instructions.

Your order will be delivered to your mail box by your local postal service. In general, you do not need to be home at the time of delivery. If you have opted for expedited delivery your order will be delivered to your door by courier (for example DHL, FedEx or UPS). If you are not home at the time of delivery, the courier company will leave a contact number where you can reach them to arrange a new delivery.

This depends on which shipping method you choose. With standard delivery your order will be shipped as a letter and delivered by your local postal service. In this case you will not receive a tracking number. With expedited delivery your order will be shipped by courier service and you will receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been dispatched.

We recommend that you wait a few days. More than 98% of our shipments are dispatched within the estimated timeframe. Chances are that your goods are on the way; however, local shipping conditions vary. Holidays, bad weather, customs clearance and irregular mail delivery are just a few of the many circumstances that can cause delays. In most cases, if anything can be done to expedite your delivery, it has already been done.

If however the delay is more than 2 weeks we recommend that you contact us through our contact form. Please kindly include your order number so we can quickly identify your order.

Special Requests

No, if you want additional characters you need to choose a larger sign. There is a limit to how small the characters can be made, and since many characters require more space, there is a limit to the number of characters each sign can hold. This is due to the fact that your sign is hand stenciled.

We invite you to order a customized sign on our custom signs page. Please describe your wishes in detail, as the more detail you provide the better we can match our design proposal to your vision. We are able to fabricate most designs and shapes in porcelain enamel, up to 23 x 23 inches (60 cm x 60 cm). When you place a special order you will receive an order confirmation with a proof by the next business day. If you are not completely satisfied with the result, we will work with you to achieve your desired design. If you decide this sign isn't for you, we will promptly refund your money.

Yes, you can place your order on our custom signs page. Please describe your wishes in detail, as the more information you can provide the better we can help you. Upload any image or artwork you may have. We offer a total of 31 vibrant enamel colors. Using the authentic stencil technique, we can reproduce characters down to 0,4” (10 mm) in height, and likewise any equivalent details. Lines can be as thin as 0,04” (1 mm).

No, unfortunately we cannot. The best solution is to produce separate signs and affix them together, either with nuts and bolts, or a strong adhesive.

Due to the enamel process, no two enamel signs are 100% identical. This includes the colors. If you need several signs with identical colors, we recommend that you place the order of your signs together in the same order. This way your signs will be produced in the same batch, resulting in colors which are as close as technically possible.

Bulk Orders & Discounts

Yes, we do. Make a purchase of $150 and get free worldwide shipping.

Yes, we love bulk orders. In fact, fabrication was based entirely on bulk orders in the past. Volume allows us to use an array of enameling techniques, alone or in combination. Consequently there is almost no limit in the amount of colors and degree of detail we can achieve.

Please describe your wishes in detail through our contact form please include any art work, image or drawing you may have. The more detail you provide, the more accurate our proof and estimate will be. We are able to fabricate most designs and shapes in porcelain enamel, up to 23 x 23 inches (60 cm x 60 cm).

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to make changes to an existing sign without ruining it because it must be fired in the kiln again. You will need to replace your existing name plaque if you wish to change the text. A more flexible solution could be to mount a new name plaque, in addition to the one you already have. Each of our signs coordinate with a few others signs in matching lengths so they can be stacked, as in an office lobby.


If you have received a name plate or door number, washers are not needed. The mounting materials used for address plaques, house numbers, name plates are different. For address plaques and house numbers the materials include: 4 solid brass screws, 4 nylon plugs, and 4 nylon washers. For names plates and door signs only 4 solid brass screws are included.

1. We recommend that you use the included mounting materials.

2. Place your sign on the wall so that the holes will be drilled in brick instead of in mortar. Mark the exact position of the holes, and remove the sign.

3. Drill the holes (use a 5 mm concrete drill).

4. Place the blue plugs in the holes.

5. Place one black nylon washer on each screw to protect the enamel surface.

6. Mount the sign using the solid brass screws included.

TIP: Wait until you have positioned the sign accurately before tightening the screws.

WARNING: Never tighten the screws using force. This can crack the enamel, exposing the metal to corrosion.>

1. We recommend that you use the included mounting materials.

2. Place your sign on the door. Mark the exact positions of the holes with a pencil and remove the sign.

3. Drill the holes (use a 2 mm wood/metal drill).

4. Mount the sign using the short brass screws. Washers are not recommended for wooden surfaces.

TIP: Wait until you have positioned the sign accurately before tightening the screws.

WARNING: Never tighten the screws using force. This can crack the enamel, exposing the metal to corrosion.

The brass screws will develop a natural patina within a few months. However, you can use liquid ammonia to speed up the process. Ammonia is a common cleaning agent which is sold in local supermarkets and pharmacies.

1. Clean the brass screws to remove oily smudges ideally using a suitable solvent like gasoline, acetone or alcohol. Alternatively soap can be used.

2. Place the brass screws in a glass, and soak the screws in a few drops of ammonia. Pour out the ammonia, and place a lid on the glass to trap the ammonia vapors.

3. Observe patina progress after a short while. Within 10-15 minutes you should see a noticeable effect. Repeat the process if needed.

Care & Maintenance

Ramsigns are built to last in all conditions with absolutely no maintenance required. However to really enjoy the vibrant colors and glossy finish of your sign, we recommend that you simply wipe it clean with window cleaner on a piece of soft cloth/paper every now and then. Never use sandpaper, scouring cream, acid, or similar harsh products, which can scratch or frost the beautiful glossy surface of your sign beyond recovery.

You can remove grafitti very easily with acetone. Acetone is a common solvent which is sold at local hardware stores and DIY markets. Generously apply acetone on a piece of cotton cloth. Simply wipe off the paint from the surface of the sign. Repeat the process if needed. CAUTION: Acetone is highly vaporous and flammable. Please only use acetone outdoor and avoid inhaling the harmful acetone vapors.

Claims & Returns

You may return your sign to us within 60 days after receipt for a full refund. This policy applies to all signs regardless of the reason for the return, or whether the signs are in-stock or made to order. Please return the item in its original condition, unused, in its original packaging. Ramsign reserves the right to decline to issue a refund if the item is not returned in the original condition. We will refund the full amount paid, excluding shipping costs, to your account within 8 days after receipt of your product. For instructions on how to proceed please contact us through our contact form.

All Ramsign products (except products with white edges) are covered by our lifetime warranty. In the rare event that your product should fail due to faulty manufacture, you are entitled to a free replacement. Please contact us through our contact form for instructions on how to proceed. We may require that you return the product to us, but often a photo will suffice. We will, of course, refund your shipping costs in the event that we need the product to be returned.

In case you receive an incorrect or damaged product, you are entitled to a free replacement. You must notify us through our contact form within 30 days of receipt for instructions on how to proceed. We may require that you return the product to us, but often a photo will suffice. We will, of course, refund your shipping costs in this event.

All our signs are hand stenciled, which means that the details are carefully applied by hand with the use of stencils and brushing. With this authentic technique, fine lines and letters are impossible to reproduce with 100% accuracy. Very delicate details and letters will often appear more inaccurate, due to the natural variability inherent in the process. Minor imperfections are thus a trademark of any genuinely hand-stenciled sign, and do not reflect a manufacturing defect. However, if you are not satisfied with the result, we will be happy to produce a new sign for you free of charge. Please contact us through our contact form for instructions on how to proceed.

Even the slightest variation in the enamel properties, humidity, temperature, firing time and location in the kiln has an impact on end result, including the nuance of the color. Therefore no two signs are identical. If you need several signs with identical colors, we recommend that you order your signs at the same time. This way your signs will be produced in the same batch resulting in colors that are as close as possible.

Your enamel sign has small burn marks on the back. They stem from the spikes on which the sign had been resting when it was fired in the kiln. Like the navel of a baby, this is not a birth defect. In addition, your sign may have minor burn marks on the edges. This is due to the natural overheating of the edges, a side effect that is inevitable when the sign is fired in the kiln. These minor burn marks are perfectly normal, and have no bearing on the beautiful appearance or lifespan of your sign. In any case, should any problem arise at any point, your sign is covered by our lifetime warranty.

Customer Service

For help placing an order please call our hotline at +1 (646) 480-0111. If you are calling from outside the United States please use our local numbers found at our contact page. Our friendly support staff is ready to answer your call 24/7, every day of the year.

Try checking your spam or junk mail folder. If it’s not there, please contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you shortly. Please include your name, telephone number and the order date to help us identify your order.

Please contact us through our contact form to let us know about the problem and how we can help you. Please refer to the Claims & Return section of this FAQ for detailed guidelines.

For general inquiries we recommend that you contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you the same or next business day. This gives us time to investigate the issue and get back to you with a comprehensive reply. Please include your order number if your question concerns an order. You will find the 4-5 digit order number in the subject line of your order confirmation.

Press Relations

Please contact our CEO, Nick Brandt through our contact form. Nick will be glad to give you all the information you need, including access to our extensive image library.

We offer copy on an array of topics related to our products and porcelain enamel signs in general. In addition we offer high resolution images of historic enamel signs and our products, their fabrication and usage. Our extensive image library also contains our styles and company logo.