9 × 14 cm (3½” × 5½”)

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9 × 14 cm (3½” × 5½”)


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 At RAMSIGN, we understand that when it comes to designing a house number, a one sign fits all approach is not the answer. This is why we have flipped the classic enamel house sign on its head - literally to create a fresh and modern design for contemporary homes.

If you are short on space, a vertical oval provides all the elegance of the classic porcelain enamel sign with the practicality of an elongated appearance.

This 9 x 14 cm sign embodies the cool Scandi style colorway while retaining the luxurious appeal of traditional porcelain enamel signage.

Customize it with your house number and enjoy a quality sign that is designed to retain its glossy appearance come rain or shine.