12,5 × 12,5 cm (4⅞” × 4⅞”)

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12,5 × 12,5 cm (4⅞” × 4⅞”)


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When it comes to the Highlander collection, really less is more. The monochrome color scheme provides the ideal canvas for your house number to be the protagonist and be seen, even from a distance.

What's more, is that the circular convex shape of the sign allows the light to bounce off it in all the right places, subtly highlighting the raised relief of the hand-stenciled trim and lettering.

Quality like this comes from over 30 years of producing handcrafted porcelain enamel signs and the durable nature of porcelain enamel means that if cared for correctly, your sign could last a lifetime. What will you add to this timeless design?