16 × 7 cm (6¼” x 2¾”)

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16 × 7 cm (6¼” x 2¾”)


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Classic design never goes out of style and with over 30 years of experience creating porcelain enamel signs, we couldn't agree more. This sign forms part of our Metropolitan collection and is inspired by long leisurely summertime walks down a Parisian boulevard.

The ultramarine blue and white combination is reminiscent of the traditional 20th-century enamel signs -some of which can still be seen to this day. Use its smooth and glossy surface as a blank canvas for your personal message.

Choose between text or numbers and our master craftsmen will hand-stencil it onto the sign, creating an eye-catching raised relief. What's more, porcelain enamel lasts a lifetime if it is cared for correctly!