The Design

Steeped in the Danish design tradition, Engelhardt is our boldest and most personal collection. The collection draws on the work of the prolific Danish architect and designer Knud V. Engelhardt (1882-1931), whose pioneering typographic design has left a lasting mark. In 1927, Engelhardt introduced an innovative signage concept in the Municipality of Gentofte, north of Copenhagen. Creating designs for both house numbers and street signs, Engelhardt developed a consistent, intimate language between the private and public. Today, the unique chunky lettering still characterizes the quiet residential neighborhood.


An Engelhardt house number or sign fits harmoniously with glass, steel, and finished concrete. Industrial yet refined, the Engelhardt collection balances functional modernism with the qualities of the hand. The weighty typography is at once nostalgic and entirely contemporary.


Engelhardt, quite literally, put heart into his designs. The Engelhardt collection exemplifies our design values: efficient use of materials, craftsmanship, and a keen eye for tradition. Like Engelhardt’s designs, our personalized house numbers and address plaques will survive the test of time, guaranteed for a lifetime.


An Engelhardt number can provide a multistory residential building with a clear wayfinding system. Frequently used to designate floors, numbered signs can be placed opposite the elevator, on the landings of a walkup, or on the door.

The modern housE

The modernist movement brought a new aesthetic that embraced clean lines and architectural details devoid of ornament. The black and white color combination of the Engelhardt collection does not interfere with a minimalist sensibility. Yet, the recognizable typeface of Engelhardt means the beautifully crafted house numbers and address plaques are never cold or impersonal.

The loft

The open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows, and exposed pipes-as-design motif: the urban loft has become the very definition of adaptive reuse. Like the urban loft, our Engelhardt signs evoke an industrial past, but reside perfectly in the present. Equally stunning as an exterior or interior element, an Engelhardt sign can be seamlessly integrated into the most stylish converted space.


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