21 × 7 cm (8¼” x 2¾”)

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21 × 7 cm (8¼” x 2¾”)


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They say that all roads lead to home. So, with that in mind, we think is a good idea to make sure that your home is easy to find. The best way to do this?

With a porcelain enamel sign. Our Engelhardt collection boasts a stylish practicality that lends itself to both modern and traditional homes. Inspired by the original street signs created by Danish designer, Knud V. Engelhardt, this collection pays homage to his work using his signature typeface to display your chosen message.

Whether you choose to display a written message or a house number, our master craftsmen will hand stencil your message onto the durable, glossy porcelain enamel surface, creating a raised relief that gives the sign a fun and tactile appeal.