You’ve Got Mail! 5 Reasons Not To Neglect Your Modern Mailbox Signage

In many cases, the mailbox along with the garden fence and the driveway are the first things that greet passers-by. These simple, often overlooked elements form the initial impression that people make when they view your house for the first time. Whether you have a modern mailbox or you have chosen the rural mailbox aesthetic for your property, one thing is for certain; it is a great representation of your personal style.

Modern-mailbox: Red British traditional letterbox outside a stone cottage

Find a Modern Mailbox That Matches Your Style

The Importance of a Personalized Mailbox

As mailboxes are such a visible element to the facade of the property, it creates the perfect canvas on which to show your house number or address. Not only does this allow for your home to be found quicker, it also sets the tone for what visitors will meet when they enter your house. Mailbox signs offer a convenient and elegant way to display any message to passers-by. A quick image search for ‘mailbox signs’ brings up endless photos of metal house number signs, showing carefully crafted typefaces adorning the smooth surfaces of the signs.

Some of our favorite things to display on a modern mailbox sign include:

Modern mailbox: Close up of a black metal mailbox fixed to a red brick wall

Let’s Talk About Mailbox Numbers!

Modern mailbox: Black american style mailbox with white enamel sign

Other things to consider:

Creating Signage with Mailbox Letters

Unique mailbox: Choose enamel signs to add to your mailbox

Mailbox Address Plaque Inspiration

Alternative Mailbox Plaques for the Design Conscious Home

When Designing Signs for Cool Mailboxes Remember This:

- The 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) - Understanding the purpose of your sign will give your design a real edge.

- Color - Make your modern mailbox sign as vibrant and full of zest as possible

- Less is More - With such limited space, select each word carefully  to avoid overcrowding the design with text

- Add Value - Not just to your property but, to the life of the spectator. Make a warm welcome, warn the unwanted, evoke emotions, or simply provide helpful information.

Custom mailboxes: Wooden red mailbox with brown tabby cat sat on top

Creative Designs for Office Mailboxes

Designing your home mailbox

Stainless steel mailbox: Green mailbox shaped to look like a country cottage

RAMSIGN Porcelain Enamel Mailbox Signs


Mailbox Screws

Rural mailbox: Brightly colored mailboxes lined up outside a wooden house