Beer signs: Metal advertising signs hung on a wooden wall

Beer Signs: How to incorporate iconic signage into your home decor

Vintage porcelain enamel signs never lose their appeal. Add a splash of color to your home and freshen up your decor with vintage beer signs

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What makes beer signs so special?

It is safe to say that whenever springtime rolls around, our excitement for drinking a cold, thirst-quenching beer with friends is palpable. Picnics in the park, BBQs in the back yard or simply relaxing at home all provide ideal moments to savor a refreshing beer. It is recorded that the average American over 21 years of age drinks 28.2 gallons of beer a year. So, it is safe to say that the USA is a nation of beer lovers. However, cracking open a can is not the only way to enjoy this alcoholic beverage. 

Over the years, beer signs have grown to become iconic additions to interior decor. They allow beer lovers to dress their walls with vintage style while at the same time showing their loyalty to their favorite brand. Read on to discover the story of how these signs became fashionable. 

Beer signs: Jahns Brau beer sign

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Beer signs: Adelshoffen beer signs


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Beer signs: Grain belt beer advertising sign

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Beer signs hung on the inside wall of a traditional pub

There is more to old beer signs than meets the eye

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Who buys old beer signs?

The main audience for beer signs still remains collectors. They will hunt far and wide for a new sign to add to their collection. They will even travel as far as Australia to do so. But, in addition to the classic metal signs, neon beer signs have always been a firm favorite with bar owners keen to create a classic ambiance.

Since current world affairs have called us back home, there has been a shift in the demographics interested in collecting a small bit of consumer history. Keen to bring a taste of their local hang-out into their dwelling, homeowners have now become avid fans of these metal plaques. And, as a result, Instagram is filling up with retro-inspired decor complete with vintage beer signs.

Beer signs: Black beer sign hanging from a white building

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Beer signs hanging from buildings in Belfast, Northern Ireland

What changes the value of antique beer signs?

When talking about money, there are many factors that can cause prices to fluctuate. As mentioned above, the brand name, scarcity value, and condition are the top three elements that you need to be aware of. 

Beer signs: Carlsberg Pilsner sign



Beer signs: Guinness beer sign
Beer signs: Metal advertising signs hung on a wooden wall


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