ROSENHOLM HOUSE NUMBER porcelain enamel sign
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6¼” x 10⅝” (16 × 27 cm)

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• Original style and typography
• Climate and weather resistant
• Color-fast and lightfast
• Corrosion resistant
• Scratch and wear resistant
• Graffiti proof
• Safe and environmentally friendly (made from natural materials)
• Non-combustible (class A1 building material according to DIN 4102)
• Non-porous surface - hygienic and easy to clean
• Non-static
• Frost resistant down to -60 °C
• Thermally stable up to 450 °C
• 60 day money-back-guarantee
• Lifetime warranty

What’s in the box?
1 x Porcelain Enameled Sign
1 x Mounting Instructions
1 x Mounting Kit

Product details
Materials: Porcelain enamel & low carbon steel
Front: Coated with 3 layers of enamel
Back: Coated with 1 layer of enamel
Production Technique: Hand-stenciling
Mounting holes: 4 holes, each of 4 mm in diameter
Distance from center of holes to the edge:

Product dimensions:

Shipping dimensions:

Product weight:
Shipping weight:

5 classic enamel colors are available in any combination:

Please see the Style Guide tab for recommended color combinations.

Disclaimer: Monitors display colors differently. For this reason, the colors you see here is not a true representation of the actual enamel colors.

The colors, trims and typefaces you find on this page originate from 19th century Scandinavian porcelain enamel signage. The right combination of these decorative effects creates a truly authentic design. The below style guide illustrates how to achieve this.

Classic Ramsign Designs

When correctly produced and mounted, porcelain enameled signs are known to have a lifespan exceeding 100 years. In fact they have the ability to persevere the changing seasons of centuries, without any degradation whatsoever. But why?

A porcelain enameled sign consists of a sheet of steel which is coated with porcelain enamel. It is made by fusing powdered glass to a steel plate by firing in a ceramic kiln at temperatures between 750-850°C (1,380 and 1,560 °F). The glass powder melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating.

Ramsign’s enamels are especially formulated for high durability. For this reason Ramsign’s enamel signs are weatherproof, corrosion resistant, color-fast, scratch and wear resistant, graffiti proof, and dirt repellent. This makes them extremely hardy and significantly more durable than any other signs.

Most remarkably, at the same time our signs are made of 100% natural non-polluting materials that are recyclable, and they are produced without the use of any solvents or harmful substances.

We stand 100% behind every product with our unique satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

This sign comes with a mounting kit of your choice. Click the "CUSTOMIZE" button above and select the mounting kit that is most suitable for the surface you are planning to mount the sign onto. We offer 3 mounting kits, see below.

Mounting Kit No 1
Mounting kit for wooden doors, panels, walls, fences and similar structures. This kit includes four solid brass screws (3 x 13 mm).

Mounting Kit No 2
Mounting kit for brick walls, stone, plaster, concrete and similar surfaces. The kit includes four nylon washers (9 mm), four nylon plugs (5 x 25 mm) and four solid brass screws (3 x 27 mm).

Mounting Kit No 3
Mounting kit for installing flat signs on smooth surfaces. The kit includes 3M VHB (Very High Bonding) adhesive strips (tape) that are suitable for attaching your sign discretely to a flat, smooth surface where screws are not desirable. The strips are highly adhesive, and offer a tried and tested alternative to screws and other fastening methods.

Mounting Instructions
To avoid damaging your sign use only the included Ramsign-certified mounting materials. Do not tighten the screws as the pressure can damage the enamel. The screw head should not even touch the enamel. Faulty mounting may cause irreparable damage that is not covered by any warranties.

More mounting kits information

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