House Number Plaques

Exquisite house number plates, traditional craft

When you create a living space, everything matters: the building materials, the furniture, the light fixtures. You tend to every detail–inside and out.  We place the same care in the design and fabrication of our  enamel  house number plaques. Made to order, our signs reflect the beauty of everyday objects.

The beauty of everyday design.

In 1991, we revived the traditional hand stenciling technique and now produce authentic high-end residential signage, including house number plates, address plaques, door signs and nameplates. Every personalized house number comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteed to maintain its original hue.

Our selection of traditional residential signage allows you to create unique accents for your house and garden. Place your family name on your mailbox, dream up a decorative house number, or give your landscape design a fresh twist. With Ramsign, you can think expansively about the space where you live.

A modern house number, traditional craft.

The modern house number is not simply a marker to identify a location and orient visitors. When well-designed, a house or door number can complement an architectural design, complete the details of the facade, or simply give a personal touch to the public face of your dwelling.

Our house number plaques collections.

We designed our authentic house number collections carefully considering size, color, trim and typeface. Each collection contains our recommended sizes and shapes for house numbers; all color combinations are high contrast.

Our personalized house number plates  are classic, yet contemporary. Browse through our collections to find the perfect fit for your home.


Styled after the traditional European blue porcelain enamel signs, Metropolitan house numbers define our classic collection. Often called “French house numbers”, our traditional Metropolitan house number plates are our most popular style. Our authentic recreation features classic numbers, a single trim, and a glossy enamel finish. 


Framed with decorative double trim, our white Highlander house numbers mix high gloss with elegant lines. With its clean lines, the Highlander series is striking in its simplicity. The black outer border protects the edges of the house number plaque, while providing an elegant frame. 


Our Engelhardt house number plaques feature an original number style. Designed by the Danish architect Knud V. Engelhardt, the typeface was created in 1927 for residential address numbers, house number plates and street signs in Copenhagen.


Our forest green Arrowhead house number plate brings a touch of the rustic to our collections. Inspired by natural settings, this series celebrates eco-friendly design. The weather-resistant finish of this house number plaque is perfect for home and garden.


Inspired by the North Jutland region in Denmark, our subdued rust-red and white Lighthouse house numbers add a subdued, yet colorful accent. 

Add some color to your home’s exterior with our Lighthouse house number plaques. 

The History of Enameled House Numbers

As modern-day house numbering systems began to emerge in the nineteenth-century Europe, enameled porcelain signs became ubiquitous throughout northern Europe. By the 1850s, porcelain house numbers and street signs were produced in large quantities, albeit by hand. Traditionally fabricated with a rich blue background and white numbers, this color combination became characteristic of the era. Sometimes referred to as “French house numbers”, these handcrafted and weatherproof house numbers became less available by the end of the Second World War, when other forms of sign production replaced older techniques.

Design Details

The final coat of paint, new landscaping, eco-friendly roofing. Your home design vision is now a glowing success. Now it's time for the finishing touches to your exterior renovation. Our welcoming house number plaques can complement any architectural style.

Our suggested product: The Highlander Havreholm House Number will pop against colorful or dark backgrounds.

Custom House number plates

Do you have an idea for a house number plaque that does not fit within our classic product line? Bring your design to life with a custom sign. Our selection of shapes, sizes and color options give you a range of options for your address number. Or you can request a custom design based on your specifications.

Mark the Moment: A New Home

A new house, a new beginning. Settle in with style. Our handcrafted address numbers is a perfect detail for your home’s public face. Want to congratulate friends or or family on a big move? Our individually produced house number plates or door number signs are a unique housewarming gift that will last a lifetime. Suggested product: The Metropolitan Dansborg House Number is one of our cornerstone products. Excellent for brick and light-colored surfaces.

Why are porcelain enamel house numbers so hard to find?

If you walk the streets of Copenhagen, Paris, or Berlin, it is not hard to find examples of vintage enameled house number plaques. A closer look will even reveal regional styles. But if you want one of these gems for your house, authentic reproductions are difficult to find.

In the 1800s, handcrafted porcelain enamel address numbers and street signs were produced in large quantities. Durable and weather resistant, these glossy signs were the perfect adornment for the streets of northern Europe. However, by the end of the World War II, new production techniques had replaced traditional ones. Porcelain enameled signs became scarce – until we revived the art of producing them. Today, Ramsign is one of the few fabricators who still carries on the tradition.

From Our Kiln to Your Door

What gives our  address numbers their charm? Every piece we produce and ship is individually made.

We fabricate our signs layer by layer, using a precise heating process. First, we apply the background color to the sign’s metal base. Next, we kiln-fire the sign so the enamel sets. After the base color cools, house numbers are stenciled on by hand. The sign is fired again at a new temperature.

Although the process is controlled, there will always be slight environmental variations in the kiln. As a result, no two house number plaques are the exactly the same.

Questions about our house numbers or other products?

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Feel free to also inform yourself about enamel plate techniques, for instance on our inspirational post >>"Metal signs".