Available in a variety of formats, our hand-stenciled porcelain enameled signs are as functional as they are visually appealing. The glossy, thick and evenly applied enamel surface makes our signs a popular choice for doors and entryways. Often ordered in conjunction with our house numbers and other other custom signage, door signs can create a consistent aesthetic in any environment.


Our highly finished porcelain enameled door signs were designed to provide a refined interior and exterior detail for your home. Inside, our handcrafted signs are often used as a decorative element to indicate the entranceway to a unique space, such as a wine cellar or library. On the exterior, a personalized door sign can be placed on a mail slot or at eye level. Our weatherproof signs can be securely mounted on a wall or gate, making them ideal no trespassing signs, private property signs, driveway and parking signs.

Informational Door Signs

Our durable enamel signs can be used for a range of interior informational purposes. From accessibility symbols to maps of architectural environments, we specialize in designing unique wayfinding solutions for interior spaces. Our wayfinding and directional signs are also water and fire-resistant, making them ideal for emergency exit signs, stairwell markers, and representations of a building’s floor plans.

The Creation of Handcrafted Porcelain Enameled Door Signs

Since 1991, we have been specializing in the fabrication of hand-stenciled decorative house numbers, address plaques, and other custom porcelain enamel signage. Our meticulous fabrication process ensures consistent quality and, at the same time, embraces the small variabilities that give a handcrafted piece its individual characteristics. The iterative process requires that the sign be fired after each color application, at the specific, optimal temperature for the particular color.

Starting with the base layer, each layer of color is applied by hand to the metal base. The lettering and numbers are created using custom stencil guides, based on the customer’s request. Because the pigment is precisely formulated, our signature blue, green, and rust-red are reliably brilliant when fired in the kiln. The final product is a durable, intensely hued door sign.

Our Collections

When we created our exclusive Metropolitan, Highlander, Engelhardt, Arrowhead, and Lighthouse collections, we carefully selected the typographic styles and color palettes. The result is a versatile product range that can enhance both traditional and contemporary house and building styles. Whether you need a personalized door sign or number for the home or office or a directional sign, our collections will give you countless options.


Do you have a project that needs custom signage? If you have an idea that goes beyond the color, shape, and size options of our standard collections, please get in touch. We can work with you to design an authentically crafted enameled sign to your specifications. Get in touch with us and create your own custom design.