Business Signs


Whatever your needs, we can help you design the perfect sign for your business. Our collaborative design process ensures that your design matches your expectation. From outdoor plaques to desk nameplates, we make business signage an art.

For over 25 years, Ramsign has been reviving the art of handmade porcelain enamel signs. Our custom signs are hand-stenciled using traditional techniques, resulting in highly finished products that distinguish any space. Our personalized signs are designed for businesses who want to showcase their unique identity, hotels and restaurants with a penchant for style, museums and educational institutions, and those who shape the way we experience public transit and outdoor spaces.

If you are a business or organization looking for unique and durable signage you have come to the right place. If you are a consumer looking to order a custom enamel sign from us, please visit our online retail shop.

Increase visibility with an outdoor business sign

Looking for a way to increase the prominence of your store, restaurant or small business? Start from the outside, then draw customers in. An enameled outdoor sign or customized address plaque can strengthen and extend the identity of your business, making your establishment easily recognizable to passers-by. Using hand stenciling and other techniques, we can apply your company’s logo and unique fonts to a sign of any dimension.

Accent public spaces with clear and bright wayfinding signs

Indicate directions in hotels, restaurants, schools, and conference centers. Display maps and interpretive information in outdoor spaces and museums. Our signs are ideal for public parks, nature trails, golf courses and more because of their durability. Unlike other metals like aluminum and brass, our signs will not tarnish or lose their luster, even in harsh climates.

Punctuate an office design concept with stunning interior signage

Signage not only provides information, it can act as a cohesive element to any interior design. A large format sign at the reception desk can give a sense of place. A decorative piece in the lobby wall can create a compelling aesthetic. Add personality with professional name plates in the offices of doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Let us help you complete the atmosphere through the details.

Durability that lasts a lifetime

With a lifetime warranty, you can be sure you'll never have to replace your custom sign. Each one is crafted by hand, guaranteeing the utmost quality:

- no corrosion: completely sealed in enamel glaze, our sign will not rust.
- lightfast: the brilliant colors will remain vibrant and never lose their glossy luster.
- weatherproof: resistant to sun, snow, and moisture.
- Vandalism-proof: our signs will not dent or chip, and graffiti can easily be wiped away.