Address Plaques

A unique design element.

A hand-stenciled porcelain enameled address plaque is a striking way to display your house number and street name on your home’s exterior. Often used to mark historic houses and structures, porcelain enamel address plaques can contain information about a building’s construction and original owner, as well as provide an elegant design detail to a building.

Our meticulously crafted address plaques are as versatile as they are sturdy. Weatherproof and vibrantly colored, our traditional address plates are guaranteed to retain their luster for years to come.

Designed to be visible.

Typically a larger format than our house numbers and nameplates, our address plaques offer the greatest visual impact. Because size and spacing of characters can be adjusted, the lettering can be refined to increase legibility from a distance.

Our address plaque collections.

Our perfectly sized address plaques can comfortably accommodate multiple lines, making them ideal for designs that contain both numbers and letters. Designed with vibrant colors, our address plaque collections can complement any architectural style.


Styled after the traditional European blue porcelain enamel signs, Metropolitan Address Plaques define our classic collection.


Framed with decorative double trim, our white Highlander address plaques mix high gloss with elegant lines.


Named after the Danish architect and designer Knud V. Engelhardt, our black and white Engelhardt address plaques use the original chunky typeface he designed in 1927.


We designed our forest green and white Arrowhead address plaques to complement rustic architecture.


Inspired by the North Jutland region in Denmark, our rust-red and white Lighthouse address plaques add a subdued, yet colorful accent.