Address Plaques

Beautiful Address Plaques, enduring style

Designing a home or building a business is a labor of love–so is crafting our personalized address plaques. We work with simple, sustainable materials. Most importantly, we take the time to hand stencil every line with precision. Vibrantly colored, each address sign we produce is a unique piece that can last a lifetime.

A unique design element.

A hand-stenciled porcelain enameled address plaque is a striking way to display your house number and street name on your home’s exterior. Often used to mark historic houses and structures, porcelain enamel address plaques can contain information about a building’s construction and original owner, as well as provide an elegant design detail to a building.

Our meticulously crafted address plaques are as versatile as they are sturdy. Weatherproof and vibrantly colored, our traditional address plates are guaranteed to retain their luster for years to come.

The design of our enamel home address signs is based on traditional styles found in Scandinavia in Northern Europe. Browse our designs to find your style.

Address plates designed to be visible.

Typically a larger format than our house numbers and nameplates, our address plaques offer the greatest visual impact. Because size and spacing of characters can be adjusted, the lettering can be refined to increase legibility from a distance.

Our address plaque collections.

Our perfectly sized address plaques can comfortably accommodate multiple lines, making them ideal for designs that contain both numbers and letters. Designed with vibrant colors, our address plaque collections can complement any architectural style.


Our traditional “French” blue Metropolitan address plaques are our most popular style. Our authentic recreation features classic numbers, a single trim, and a glossy enamel finish.


With clean lines, the Highlander series is striking in its simplicity. The decorative double trim enhances the porcelain sign’s durability. The black outer border protects the edges of the address plaques, while providing a elegant frame.


Our Engelhardt address plaques feature an original number style. Designed by the Danish architect Knud V. Engelhardt, the typeface was created in 1927 for home address signs and street signs in Copenhagen.


Our forest green Arrowhead  address plaque brings a touch of the rustic to our collections. Inspired by natural settings, this series celebrates eco-friendly design. The weather-resistant finish is perfect for home and garden.


Add some color to your home’s exterior with our Lighthouse address plaques. This subdued rust-red accent color is typical used on Scandinavian houses and in the Northern region of Denmark.

Custom Address Plaques

Do you have a vision for an address plaque that goes beyond our standard collections? Browse our custom sign options. We can help you design the perfect handcrafted sign. Our collaborative design process ensures your design matches your expectations. From outdoor address plaques to desk nameplates, we make signage an art.

Go Big

Do you need a large format address sign? Our Sandholm and Grasten custom address plaques give you the most room for numbers and text. This spring, when you purchase a Sandholm or Grasten custom address plaque we will give you a 10% discount. Offer ends on May 31st, 2017.

Design Tips

Are you looking for a unique design element for your home? Spruce up the exterior of your house with an enameled  address plaque. Our Metropolitan and Highlander styles are popular with traditional house and architectural styles. With our custom address plaques, you can match the color scheme of your house, be it neutral or bright. Suggested product: The Metropolitan Klintholm Address Plaque is a classic choice, that never fades.

Mark the Moment: Your New Business

Your business plan is in place, you’ve signed the deal on the perfect space. It’s time to hang out your shingle and open your doors for business. A custom address plaque can make your café, bakery, or other business more visible to customers and visitors. Choose your colors and send us your logo and we will reproduce your design by hand.  Suggested product: Our large oval custom address plaques are sized for impact. Suitable for all surfaces, it has enough space for your business name and location.

Why were porcelain enamel address signs used throughout Northern Europe?

Porcelain enamel signs–unlike exposed metal signs or wood signs–have an added layer of protection that give them an advantage.  Porcelain enamel is glass-based coating that bonds to metal when heated. When hardened, the enamel is smooth, yet strong. This glaze shields the metal base from the harshest elements.

Because of their durability, enameled address plaques were widely manufactured and used in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and other Northern European countries the 19th century. Known for their vividness and crisp presentation, enamel address signs also provided an aesthetic quality.

From Our Kiln to Your Door

Like our signature house numbers and nameplates, our home address signs are fabricated in Europe using time-tested techniques.

The first step of the process involves combining a finely crushed mixture of silica and fluxes—a composition known as frit—with metal oxide. This composite powder is then applied to the metal base of the address plaque and placed in a kiln. At high temperatures, the frit fuses to make the porcelain enamel. During the firing, the metal oxide will react, giving the the address plaque its unique, rich color.

With their durable porcelain enamel finishes and high contrasting color combinations, our hand-stenciled address plaques stand out for their beauty and craftsmanship.

Questions about our address signs or other products?

Feel free to get in touch. Our customer service is available to answer your questions 7 days a week.