Yard Signs from Ramsign


Spring has arrived and it’s time to get your outdoor space in shape! Whether you’re planting a garden for the first time or just need to attend to your yard after a long winter, a detailed plan can help make large projects manageable. Start with the groundwork, then move on to the accents. Once you have surveyed the yard, pruned and planted, you can add some garden-essential decor. A small sculpture, fountain, bird bath, or collection of inspired personalized yard signs can help create a whimsical tone and make your outdoor space intimate.


Is this the year for a big landscaping project or ambitious change? The first step is to plan the layout. Designated spaces are a great way to give your outdoor space organization. One suggestion: create zones to grow, gather, or meander. Each of theses zones has its special purpose, but how you design them will depend on your aesthetic. They can be more formally set apart (manicured) or blurry around the edges (wild).

The Growing Zone

Do you envision a patch of herbs and edibles, or a bed of wildflowers? Or both? Decide what you want to plant and where to plant it. Vegetables and flowers need a sunny location (six hours a day). If you live in a hot climate, it is best to have some shade protection. The quality of the soil is also a factor, so avoid rocky soil if possible.

The garden accent

If you are planting a vegetable garden, well-designed labels can increase the visual appeal. Small yard signs with images of the vegetables will create a pleasant view as you wait for the bounty to arrive.

The Gathering Zone

Do you want to entertain or encourage your family to spend time in the yard? Outdoor furniture, trellises, and a change in ground cover can form garden rooms, places where you sit and relax with guests and loved ones. A small bench or chair in a corner with mixed greenery can provide a meditative hideaway to gather your thoughts.

The “garden room” accent

Signs for the garden can be placed in the ground or can be mounted on vertical structures. A vertical pallet planter is a great way to create a green wall or divide the outdoor space. Place an elegant sign with plant labels, a saying, or thought to make the vertical garden even more delightful to look at.

The Path Accent

A gentle reminder to keep of the grass or soil can help ensure your garden and landscaping work take hold. A yard sign can help you politely create a barrier. For botany buffs, small lawn signs can be placed along the path to identify the plants. Plant markers can contain scientific names and a little information about the plant, such as its origin. Traditional hand-stenciled porcelain enamel yard signs can transform your space into a private botanical garden.

The Meandering Zone

Do you plan to have paths in your garden design? Consider where you would like people to walk–and where they should not step. Stone walkways can help guide people where you want them to go.

Even if you have a small plot or little area to work with, creating zones will help you maximize the space. Yard signs of various scales can be incorporated as functional design elements that help delineate the zones and contribute to the ambience.


A front yard garden or a special entry path provides a great opportunity to make an impression and set an atmosphere that reflects who you are. Choose plants that match the experience you want to create for your visitors. Is the front garden verdant or bursting with color? Are the plants along a path to the backyard reflective of the local environment or exotic additions? If you have a gate, a personalized lawn sign in the ground or a plaque on the gate can welcome people.


Garden and yard decor can add inspired final touches to your landscaping or garden design project. As with any outdoor sign, garden and lawn signs should be able to survive the elements. The most durable outdoor signs have a metal base and a porcelain enamel finish. Fully weatherproof, a porcelain enameled garden plaque can last season to season, year to year. They are also beautifully finished and will give your garden a polished look.


At Ramsign, we fabricate handcrafted porcelain enamel signs for the home, garden, and business. If you would like to create a custom garden plaque or lawn sign for yourself (or the special someone in your life with a green thumb), see our custom sign options in our online shop. If you have a large-scale landscaping project or business that requires special yard signs, please get in touch. If you would like to get some more information check our Scandinavian Design, Metal Signs, Vintage Signs, Real Estate Signs, and Door Signs inspiration posts.