Bring Buyers to Your Doorstep with Unique Real Estate Signs

Looking for effective ways to publicize a house that’s for sale? Reimagine the real estate sign. Here are 8 tips to make signage work for you.

1. Think of the sign as an extension of the home

A great deal of effort goes into preparing a home for viewing. If the house is occupied, it may involve a home makeover: new paint, spruced up furniture, and some yard or landscaping work. When potential buyers can envision a beautiful home, they are more likely to take the mental leap and place themselves in it. Real estate signs are the invitation to come and take a look. A welcoming sign can make an impact.

Why not recommend replacing the old house number / address plaque also when pimping up the house. It could be money well spend as you only get one chance to make a positive first impression.

2. Print a novel saying

Contact information is the most important element on a real estate sign. Names, phone numbers, and email addresses need to be prominent and visible from a reasonable distance. But a real estate sign can also display a motto or more personal greeting. The saying can be general so that if the sign is used again, it makes sense. Or it can be targeted, something specific about the particular property that’s for sale. A conversational phrase–“It’s gorgeous inside!”–can add humor and personality. It's like extending a warm handshake with words.

3. Choose a distinct, yet legible typeface

Helvetica is considered a champion of fonts and used regularly on signs. Legible, crisp, and elegant, its power has endured since its introduction. But there is a world of typefaces out there, ready to fuel your creativity. When choosing a typeface, think about whether the words will be readable from a distance. Some typefaces read better than others when enlarged. Scripts and ornate lettering can be beautiful, but if it’s too difficult to make out the words from a few steps back, it’s probably not your best bet to use that typeface.


Simple color combinations work best for informational signage such as real estate signs. The lettering and the background should be in high contrast. (Black and white offers the highest contrast.) If they are low contrast, the letters and the background start to blend together. An introduction of a third accent color can make a sign more eye-catching.

5. Go for durability

The wind, the rain, the snow, the sun. The great outdoors can take its toll on signage. Real estate signs need to be able to withstand the elements. A sturdy post or frame will ensure that the sign stays in place. Make sure your sign won’t age prematurely from exposure. If a sign looks like it has been out for a while, it may appear that the house is having problems selling. A porcelain enamel sign is weatherproof and can retain its vividness over time. The most durable metal sign material is porcelain enamel.

6. Be environmentally conscious

You may be a professional who needs real estate signs consistently, or you may be making a move after decades, with no plans to do so again for twenty years. Either way, you can help reduce waste by buying a sign made of environmentally friendly materials. A porcelain enamel sign with a metal base is one of the most eco-friendly signs available. Metal real estate signs can be recycled (and may even be made of recycled material), plastics do not biodegrade. A temporary sign does not have to one day be a permanent resident in a landfill. Consider: the most eco-friendly (metal) sign material is porcelain enamel.

7. Be consistent with your brand or personal style

If you are a realtor with an established agency, you likely already have some guidelines for logo, typeface, and color palette for your digital channels and printed materials. If you are an independent agent just starting out or a homeowner who is selling on your own, you may not have thought much about graphic design. Creating signage that reflects your sensibility can not only be a fun project, it can help you make a strong impression.

8. Pro tip: Create a real estate sign set

When we think of real estate signs, most of us see a sign hanging on a post. But signage can be much more than the single grand announcement. Signs can be a way to guide and enhance client interaction at the various stages of the viewing process. A custom A-frame sign (or sandwich board sign) can advertise an open house and attract foot traffic. Once inside, a small table sign can say thank you and can encourage visitors to leave a card after viewing. Other signs and banners can be used communicate directions to the house. A uniform signage system can polish your overall presentation—and make the client experience personal.

If you are a realtor and want something unique for your business—or if you just want a great-looking sign—consider working with a professional graphic designer and sign fabricator. They can provide advice on typeface, colors, and material.


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