original enameling techniques

Ramsign’s Production Techniques


At Ramsign we make our enamel signs & name plates using vitreous enamel also called porcelain enamel applying the original enameling techniques. Each sign is stenciled by hand using top quality enamel glaze.

The enamel powder, known as frit, is made by pulverizing clear glass in a drum. Colors are created by combining the glass with a metal oxide. During application, the enamel powder is colorless or grey. It isn’t until the enamel has been fired and cooled that the true color appears.

Ramsign are cut from low-carbon steel into any size or shape. Holes are drilled for hanging. Then the sign is forged into a slightly domed shape, giving it a three-dimensional characteristic, which is not only attractive, but also lends to its stability.


steelThe steel is then soaked in an acid bath to ensure that all contaminants are removed, then thoroughly dried, which ensures adhesion of the enamel.

After the metal is prepared, the signs are glazed with a base coat and fired in a kiln at 800 degrees Celsius. During the firing process, the glaze becomes glass which is bonded to its iron base, resulting in its enamel finish.


This process is very delicate, since kiln temperatures must be adjusted according to humidity factors. stenciled by handUpon  cooling, the background color is glazed on and fired again at a lower temperature. Then the lettering can be stenciled by hand on top of the background color and sent again to the kiln.

Each color must be applied separately and fired after each application. The colors must be fired in order of the highest temperature tolerance to the lowest, in order to prevent melting of previous color applications. As the signs reach room temperature, their true colors begin to appear.

Since each sign is hand-crafted, you will notice small inaccuracies in the thick, glossy enamel, giving it an artisanal touch. The most obvious quality of the products is the classic design that is well understood and appreciated by generations over most of Europe. The main functional quality is the extreme hardness of the enamel, which provides resistance to sun, water and dirt, proving that this technique stands the test of time.

Not only is the quality of the signs exceptional, but every single product is covered by a full satisfaction, a money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty. Whether your purchase is for your own personal home improvement or for a gift, you will have peace of mind that nothing can possibly go wrong – you can always return ANY product, even the customized ones.

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