The charming design inspired by nostalgia of the seaside. Lighthouse awakens our romantic feelings of carefree walks on the beach, beautiful sea shells, fragrance of flowers, and long summer evenings outdoors.

The classic Lighthouse signs recalls Skagen painters, charming fishermen’s cottages, dog roses, lyme grass and sand dunes as far as the eye can see.

The name “Lighthouse” is inspired by the maritime environment in Skagen, Denmark, whose landmark is its lighthouse.

Unlike a flashy, plain red, the rust red color has a pleasant, subdued appearance. The rust red color is recognized for it’s charm and historical references, not only in Skagen, but throughout Europe.

One such example is in Sweden. Here the rust red color has been the preferred color for linseed oil paint on wooden houses since the 1600s. In Sweden, this particular shade is called “Falu red”.


The copper pigment, which is the active pigment in the oil paint, comes from the copper pit in Falu, Sweden. Evidence suggests that mining of this valuable resource started here already in the Viking Age, roughly one thousand years ago!

There is a fellowship between rust red porcelain enamel and traditional linseed oil paint production. In both cases, the copper metal is the source of the pigment used for coloring pastes.

Both materials, porcelain enamel and linseed oil, have been known for centuries for their incomparable performance, not least their longevity and sustainability.


Our enamel signs are forged from iron and glazed in porcelain enamel. Porcelain enamel is a glass mass (mainly consisting of silicon) with particularly strong adhesion properties.

We all know the element silicon in the form of sand. The earth mainly consists of iron (32.1%) and silicon (15.1%). These materials are abundant everywhere on the planet.

When using porcelain enamel we are not depleting our resources or polluting the environment with man-made chemicals which form part of most paint and lacquer colors. The same applies to the use of linseed oil based paints, which are also derived from sustainable raw materials.

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Kronborg Porcelain Enamel Sign 8¼” x 2″ (21 x 5 cm)
Lundsgaard Porcelain Enamel Sign 5½” x 4⅜” (14 x 11 cm)
Hovedgaard Porcelain Enamel Sign 6¼” x 2¾” (16 x 7 cm)
Frydenlund Porcelain Enamel Sign 10⅝” x 4¾” (27 x 12 cm)
Aalholm Porcelain Enamel Sign 13⅜” x 7” (34 x 18 cm)
Hammershus Porcelain Enamel Sign 6¼” x 6¼” (16 x 16 cm)
Palsgaard Porcelain Enamel Sign 8¼” x 2¾” (21 x 7 cm)
Hammershus Porcelain Enamel Sign 6¼” x 6¼” (16 x 16 cm)



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