The functional design created in 1927 by Danish architect Knud V. Engelhardt, Denmark’s first industrial designer.
With Engelhardt’s ingenious sign concept, form and function harmonize perfectly.

Ramsign’s Engelhardt series is a tribute to the Danish architect and designer Knud V. Engelhardt (1882-1931). The circular house numbers and the three distinctive, elliptical porcelain name plates (those bearing a small red heart discreetly at the bottom), are true to Engelhardt’s original designs and styles. The house numbers are the cornerstone of a signage concept Knud V. Engelhardt created in 1927 to the Municipality of Gentofte, north of Copenhagen.

At Ramsign we greatly admire Knud V. Engelhardt. He was deeply committed to improving ergonomics, the design used in everyday life. Knud V. Engelhardt is regarded by many as Denmark’s first industrial designer. His work still stands today as a testimony to his great graphic skills and attention to detail.

enamel decorative house numbers

The father of Danish graphics, Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen, writes about Engelhardt: “To him, things were under development until they had found a definitive solution, that was both functional and aesthetic at the same time. In the view of future generations aesthetics can change to some degree. But the notion of function will not. Herein lies his originality, and it seems so much greater, because his peers were not thinking along these lines.”

We owe many thanks in this respect to the Danish Museum of Art & Design and their staff, for their support and assistance. The drawings are the foundation of our Engelhardt series.

You can be sure that your round Engelhardt house number, or oval nameplate (with Engelhardt’s signature red heart) is  true to his original design. Note that in contrast, Ramsign’s own style is used for the rectangular house numbers.

As is the case for the Highlander series, the beauty of the signs lies in large part in the simplicity and integrity of the design, which is tight and conservative – one is well-tempted to call it timeless. Unfortunately Engelhardt’s life’s work and great achievements have remained virtually unknown. Your Engelhardt sign will revive his legacy, and will certainly be a conversation piece in your home.

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enamel address names for houses

Find inspiration.

Christiansborg Porcelain Enamel Sign 4⅜” x 4″ (11 x 10 cm)
Kronborg Porcelain Enamel Sign 8¼” x 2″ (21 x 5 cm)
Havreholm Porcelain Enamel Sign 7½” x 4¾” (19 x 12 cm)
Vosborg Porcelain Enamel Sign 11 x 7 Inches (28 x 18 cm)
Havreholm Porcelain Enamel Sign 7½” x 4¾” (19 x 12 cm)
Gyldensteen Porcelain Enamel Sign 7⅞” x 7″ (20 x 18 cm)
Clausholm Porcelain Enamel Sign 8¼” x 4⅜” (21 x 11 cm)
Ryegaard Porcelain Enamel Sign 8¼” x 6¼” (21 x 16 cm)
Frydenlund Porcelain Enamel Sign 10⅝” x 4¾” (27 x 12 cm)

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